Welcome To Jill Law REALTOR®


Two Reasons Why to Work With Jill Law

1. Experience:

Jill regularly attends local home tours to network with other agents and industry affiliates and leaders.
She is an active member of several chambers to stay abreast of community issues and is active within her REALTOR® board and association to further her education and be able to bring her clients the most current and thorough information to help them make the best decisions  to keep up with what is currently on the market and to see what houses have to offer.

2. Certification: Jill quickly obtained her GRI (Graduate of Real Estate Institute) then was asked to be part of the prestigious TRLP (Texas Realtor Leadership Program). Jill is a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) and a RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) and most recently obtained her C2EX  (Commitment to Excellence) certification. Working with such an agent who has pursued further certifications adds valuable perspective to your transaction while taking the guesswork out of the transaction while focusing on professionalism and a high level of ethics.

Steps To Selling A Home

Before embarking on the selling process, list your reasons to sell to ensure you are ready to move. Once your decision has been unequivocally made, prepare your home for sale. Presenting a desirable product to a Buyer is key to a smooth home sale. This could include: Completing any repair jobs that may need to be completed, developing curb appeal, and occasionally repainting the walls with a more neutral color palette. Proper home staging could include heavy-duty cleaning, depersonalizing your home (remove all personal pictures and name indications), removal of clutter, lightening (allowing more natural light into the rooms), and highlighting focal points with mini vignettes.


Next, select a REALTOR® to help you list your house with all the appropriate information. It is helpful to run a comparative analysis of similar homes in the market to gauge what price to list the home. Obtaining information as to what are Seller costs in a transaction. Additionally, it is recommended to visit your competition – walk through other similarly listed homes in your area to see what they are doing to make their home appealing.

As the Seller you want to present your best product to any potential Buyer. In our current lives we do a lot of shopping online; this is especially true for real estate and pictures need to look their best as well. You want your home to be clear from all clutter and personal items so that potential buyers can see the home and not your belongings.

As prospective buyers walk through your home, they will eventually make you an offer, and it is your chance to negotiate an excellent selling price. Finally, the buyer will follow through with the inspection period, during which they will generally hire a home inspector to provide a professional evaluation of the property.


It is the period when the Buyer goes through their financing process and the appraisal to determine the final property value is completed. Once the factors are complete, the loan is approved, and the title company and lender coordinate the closing process.

It is your time to move out of your almost-completely-sold property and into your next residence. Remember, by closing time, you and your possessions should be completely out of the property.


This is the final step in the home selling process. All documents are signed and the title company can then file all deeds and legal recordings needed to prove the transfer of title of the property to the new owner.