Welcome To Jill Law REALTOR®


Two Reasons Why to Work With Jill Law

1. Experience:

Jill regularly attends local home tours to network with other agents and industry affiliates and leaders.
She is an active member of several chambers to stay abreast of community issues and is active within her REALTOR® board and association to further her education and be able to bring her clients the most current and thorough information to help them make the best decisions to keep up with what is currently on the market and to see what houses have to offer.

2. Certification: Jill quickly obtained her GRI (Graduate of Real Estate Institute) and then was asked to be part of the prestigious TRLP (Texas Realtor Leadership Program). Jill is a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) and a RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) and most recently obtained her C2EX (Commitment to Excellence) certification. Working with such an agent who has pursued further certifications adds valuable perspective to your transaction while taking the guesswork out of the transaction while focusing on professionalism and a high level of ethics.

Steps To Buying A Home

It’s necessary to get qualified before following through with the home-buying process. If you require a loan, mortgage lenders will look at your credit score, credit report, the equity of your current home, your debt-to-income ratio, past income tax filings, and possibly other factors that create your credit footprint. Part of purchasing a home is being aware of costs associated with the home purchase (settlement fees and down payments, traditionally at least 3.5% of the sales price). The process of getting qualified is vital and can be very easy. You, the customer, are free to choose a lender and begin the lending process. The two main parts of finding a lender are looking at rates the lender can offer you based on your credit profile. Some lenders offer incentives such as closing costs or just good rates. The second part is finding a lender that offers you the level of service you will be satisfied with, as you have the right to choose who to work with. You want a good communicator on the other end that you are comfortable with and acceptably responds to your needs. Some consumers use a bank they are already established with; however, a private mortgage company can often offer things a bank cannot. Researching on your own or asking your REALTOR® is a great place to start before deciding.


The next step is the home search: searching for homes that meet your budget and preferences and narrowing them down to the homes on which you will ultimately make an offer. The next step in the home search process is finding the perfect location to all the details, sizes, rooms and features you want in a home.

Jill Law understands the intricacies of new builds from finding the right community or assisting in the meticulous planning and assisting with the coordination of contractors. Jill has helped with all stages of construction and understands the importance of timing and effective communication. Having worked with many sales representatives while guiding clients through all stages of the building process; it is truly a joy to see the personal touches people add and how their dreams come to fruition from the first board going up to handing the keys over. Jill will be with you the entire way with the new build process.

This is when the final title issues are dealt with (if any) and when all financing requirements are requested and met for the underwriting requirements. The survey is completed as is the appraisal to confirm the loan for the lender

During this time of the contract this is when you, the Buyer can hire inspectors to inspect all aspects of the home, from the interior, to the roof to the septic, electrical, pool, whatever features the house may have. Maybe the foundation if need be. The due diligence falls upon the Buyer and is also a time of consideration that if the current property isn’t the one for you; you can move on to another.

This is the final step in the home buying process. All documents are signed and the title company can then file all deeds and legal recordings needed to prove the transfer of title of the property to the new owner; You!! Congratulations! You have a new home or property!!!